3 Ideas to Modernise Any Office with Custom Artwork

Businesses commonly put a variety of framed prints on display in their reception area, along long walls like hallways in the break room and within the offices of staff to display things such as their own certifications and achievements.

Many a business rarely takes full advantage of their own digital images, including those that are custom created to assist with the company branding, such as company logos, or even multimedia images like infographics created for online publicity.

Much of the graphics designed for business use can be repurposed into print to transform your office walls into space for creative storytelling.

3 Ideas for Business Artwork around the Office

  • Mottos and Motivational Words

Words and phrases are routinely printed for home and business use, but it’s not always aligned to the core mission statement of a business.

In the home, you’ll see art prints such as “Home” and “Family”. In businesses, word art can be directly aligned with your business.

Take, for example, any sports centre whose audience is going to be inspired by fitness-related prints. Motivational words such as “performance” or successful athlete quotes like Mary Lou Retton’s most cited phrase: “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever”. That phrase in print would be right at home in any gym, dance studio and anywhere where people are training for competitions.

A more formal environment could use more broad concepts that relate to the company values even if it is to word general rules like “Don’t be Evil” in a fun and light-hearted framed print on display in a call centre for example.

  • Demonstrate a Brand’s Story

Every business has a story to tell, and a gallery wall is a way to tell that story through print.

Some of your photos could be events your staff have participated in such as charity walks, or cycling events in the local area, a photo of the community club that’s sponsored by the business, awards and photoshoots taken at an awards ceremony.

If the business has been positively featured in the press, then a copy of the newspaper article or articles could be included in an area of the office, possibly the reception area, so that guests can easily read about the organisation. It is a form of sales copy which may as well be put to full use.

  • Create a Staff Incentive Board

Some companies shy away from creating competition in the workplace, while others embrace it. Examples could be if you’re offering employee bonus incentives for the most sales made, or most appointments booked. Photos of staff could be put into a frame showing a department’s top performers or even a leaderboard. The beauty of frames is the ease of changing what’s put in them. Unclip, replace the photo with another of the same size and close the frame back up.

In summary

Frames can be displayed on any of your walls, along corridors, in waiting rooms, offices, and break rooms, each conveying a part of the company story while also helping with branding and motivation of your staff.

Consider your existing designs, including logos, and your brand messaging, and you could find your walls could be transformed into marketing real estate for your business.