4 Tricks to Make Hanging Your Frames Easier

Take a nail in one hand, hammer in the other, then hit the nail into the wall – that’s the easy way to hang your frame. It’s not quite as simple to keep it hung sturdily and straight.

Using hanging wire, you can find the frame slips leaving it lop-sided. If the nail or screw moves, chances are, you’ll have a lot of holes left to fill on your wall. And if you are taking a hammer to nail, you better make sure your thumbs are out the way, while nailing that nail precisely where your fingers are holding it.

There’s more to frame hanging than you’d first imagine. The more you get it wrong, the more wall filler you’ll need, unless you’re happy to keep moving the frame somewhere it’ll fit, rather than where you wanted it displayed.

Get Your Frames Hung Right the First Time with These Four Tricks

  • Mark from a template

Getting more holes in your wall than intended happens because you can’t see the back of the frame when you’re marking the wall. A way around that is to trace the back of the photo frame.

If you’ve worked with paper or cardboard templates, like you’d do to create a gallery wall layout, you can use the same piece of paper or cardboard to mark the spot where the nail will go into the wall. Then hit the nail right through it, and it’ll be spot on.

The other option is to apply a spot of toothpaste onto the hook on your picture frame; then when you press it against the wall where you want it to hang, the mark will be left. Drill or hit your nail through that and wipe away the toothpaste.

  • Prep Your Wall Like You Would Work with Tile

As the photo frame’s a finishing touch to your décor, you don’t want to be cracking the paintwork as you drill or hit a nail into the wall. Just as you’d do with tile, you can apply a layer of decorator’s tape, or clear tape onto the surface to prevent the paint chipping. It’ll also help stop the screw or nail from sliding.

  • Hit Your Nail in With Precision

… With a comb. That’s it. Just stick the point of the nail between the teeth of a comb and hold the comb in place. This way, you won’t risk the nail moving as you yank your hand out the way of the hammer before you whack it. Fewer nerves and a more stable grip of the nail.

  • Keeping frames hung with the hanging wire straight

Tape the middle. Hanging wire can be notoriously difficult for keeping straight, especially if the frame’s hung near a doorway or window, as the slightest of a breeze can unlevel the frame, leaving it lop-sided.

Provided there are not too many changes to the air circulation in the room, or huge vibrations that are likely to move your photo frame, putting sticky tape around the centre of the picture wire can help keep it in its place. If you’re finding yourself continually straightening your frames, you can wrap sticky tape around the centre of the wire to keep it in place.