A Convenient Display Solution for Multiple Photo Frames

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated space to house all your pictures neatly together without it looking a cluttered mess? The solution can be simpler than you may have imagined.

Remember the ladders of yesteryear, which were just planks of wood cut to size, then nailed together to form a set of ladders? That’s today’s modern display unit. They’re used as plant stands, for photo displays, showcasing ornamental collections or a combination of each, with enough room for a bowl of Pot Pourri too. What’s not to love?

Finding them!

These stands go by many names and ladder stands - while it may be the best way to describe them - isn’t what sellers tend to go with. They’ve changed the names around to suit more descriptive names like 4-tier shelving systems and 5-tier leaning shelves.

They’re all essentially the same and can be found in almost all the popular home and décor stores from Ikea to Home Bargains and Wilko’s too. Some are designed for outdoor use as planters, with others more suited to compact spaces like small flats with a leaning shelf design or a corner unit.

They all serve the same purpose, and that’s to give you multiple narrow shelves letting you display whatever you want with style and ease.

The only thing you need is the smaller sized photo frames with a kickstand for them to stand upright, or if you don’t have that, you can lean them against something solid behind the frame, either the wall or a solid object.

The real beauty with these display units is the mix and match combinations you can create.

They give you a sturdy and stylish unit ready for you to beautify anyway you see fit. Mix and match your favourite photos with the best frames for the job alongside some colourful plants, maybe some books, a couple of ornaments, drop a snow globe into your display and even a cushion or two, or perhaps a fluffy teddy. The choice is yours.

One thing to consider though is the design of the shelves as there’s a couple of different options. One option is the leaning tower of shelves, which is just as it sounds, a ladder style that leans against the wall. A second option is the open ladder shelving system, which looks like an A-Frame, only instead of one shelf running through the centre, there are four or five shelves. The bottom will be the longest, then each shelf narrowing per tier.

The A-Frame style ladder shelves look more like traditional wooden wall shelves with the advantage of no drilling required as they are supported by the A-Frame design. It’s an ideal solution for narrower spaces. 

Ladder shelving systems are an ideal solution for people that rent a property, with limited space, and who would rather not be risking their deposits by drilling holes into the walls of someone else’s property.

If you’re looking for a moving-in gift for a friend or relative and don’t have a picture in mind to have framed, simply go with the frame display stand instead. It’s an ideal gift they’ll thank you for. Especially if they already have lots of photo frames ready to put on show to make their new place their own.