Creating a Balanced Framed Art Piece with Swept Ornate Picture Frames

Decoratively swept ornate picture frames have a lot more detail than standard wood frames or aluminium frames. The swept detail around the frame mouldings can detract from the art you put inside the frame instead of complimenting the piece, but it can work given the right considerations.

It’s all about the colour and the size of the photo you’re framing.

The Colours that are Best suited for Ornate Swept Picture Frames

The colour of the frame you use needs to work with what you’re framing and the wall you’re going to place it on.

If you’ve already settled on a colour, pause and think things through in a little more detail, just to make you sure.

The most common colours for ornate swept frames are gold, silver, white, ivory and black. The white is the easiest to work with as it goes with almost all interior décor colour schemes. Black swept frames are much trickier to pull off and generally only work with contemporary photos and artwork with a black and white colour scheme.

For neutrally decorated interiors, ivory is an excellent choice that doesn’t blend right into the room, yet it still looks like the frame is a planned finishing touch to the room rather than a last-minute afterthought to just get a frame to hang whatever you wanted on your walls.

Making the Bold Black Swept Frame Work

As the black swept frame moulding is a strikingly standout frame that really emboldens any art or photo you display in the frame, it can be a tad too daring because it stands out too much.

A safe approach to get a dark detailed frame to work in most settings is to bring the colour tone down using a bright white or off-white picture mount.

Another aspect that can help to balance your art is to go with a thinner frame moulding profile with a wider picture mount. This way what’s in the frame appears larger because the frame is thinner and the mount wider, making your art stand out more than the frame itself.

When Gold and Silver Swept Picture Frames Work Best

The best pieces to pair with a gold or silver ornate swept photo frame are portraits or for photos that appear aged. Think of pictures from the before the 1990’s which will take on a more aged appearance now, mostly due to the lack of quality photo paper and quality ink prior to the 90s. Those photos with an aged appearance can look better in a swept gold or silver frame, giving them a more traditional feel.

The Long and Short of It…

What it really boils down to is the room décor where you’ll be hanging your frame.

Neutral colour schemes will work best with ivory or white ornate swept frames, complemented by a picture mount.

As the frames are busy due to the detailing on the frame mouldings, it helps to go thinner on the frame, so the art or photo is really what’s on show and the frame there to compliment it.

The busier your frame is, the more detracting it is for the art you put inside the frame. To balance the effect of the frame overpowering your art, go thinner on the frame, wider on the mount, and if possible, use an oversized frame so you can bring in a larger picture mount to help the art standout in the frame, instead of being overpowered by the busy details of a swept photo frame.