Creating Your Own Meaningful Emotional Photo Frames

Whether it’s a gift for lovers or a sweet collage frame put together subtly for your son/daughter to know the reasons you love them, you can create your own personalised collage frame that tells your closest loved ones all the reasons you adore them.

Whether it’s because they’re weird, you’re in love with their taste of music, their awesome fashion sense, their shoe collection or the tantalising wine collection that never fails to tingle your taste buds… putting it all together into a meaningful gift is one of the very few creative ways that will always be appreciated, even by sons.

The very best gifts are personalised because it’s not just something you’ve thought about, found a good price or a deal, picked something off the shelf and called it a day. Any gift can do that, and it only says you’re thinking of someone. Rarely does a gift tell that someone special just how much they really mean to you.

Using a collage frame, you can assemble meaningful photos that express all the quirky things you love about someone. From the silly yet cute selfies they take, to the ravish dishes they serve up in the kitchen or the wild parties they throw.

Photos are the window to the past. Where the memories are stored of all the special moments spent together.

What Will your ‘I Love You’ Frame Be?

  • For couples…

A photo of you both on a winter’s day with a message reading “you warm my heart”.

  • For parents…

A photo of all the grandkids in one family photo with a message: “You gave me the best gift ever, My  family!”

  • For special friends…

Selfies, heart symbols, or something cute you both do together like making a heart shape, half your hand, half your friends. Set those photos side by side to complete the heart and you have yourself a piece of personalised art that’ll resonate with you both any time it’s seen, even years from now.

Personalised Photos are the Window to Your Past and Fond Memories

To take things further, a triage of different things could be used to show… 3 reasons why I Love You!

  • Theatre tickets, a tasty dish and a bottle of a shared favourite bottle of bubbly.
  • A hotel room, concert tickets, with a selfie in the queue to get into the show.
  • Walking boots, country road and the whole family, with the dog, on an outdoor stroll.

The reasons are in the pictures

The most meaningful gifts are those that bring back fresh memories like the photo was taken just yesterday. When you’re with the people you love most in your life, don’t hesitate to be snap happy. You never know what surprising art you can create to frame your memories, whether it’s to give as a gift or to create something meaningful to have on display in your own home.

Memories are made every day. Very few are captured on camera, and even fewer are printed and framed to keep the memories alive.

To create your perfect storyboard of memories and have them printed and framed visit our photo collage page and create a perfect framed collage picture today.