Family Art Projects to Put Your Old Picture Frames to Good Use

Home décor can be enhanced by getting creative with your wall displays. Frames are generally described as picture or photo frames, but in terms of using them for artistic displays, there’s so much more you can do than only displaying your best collections of photographs.

Framed art is mostly considered to be poster art, paintings or sketches; however, art can be anything you find to be artistic, and that can extend to pressed flower art, glossy magazine covers or a creative assortment of paper designs stuck to a mount board and inserted into a picture frame.

The great thing with artistic displays is there are no rules, so that means you can get creative, make paper cutouts of anything you like and arrange your cutouts into a professional-looking display.

Some Ideas for Paper Cutout Artwork

  • Cut out different sized shapes to create a larger shape

An example of this could be cutting out small butterflies in various sizes then arranging them into a heart shape, sticking them down to picture mount board to create a heart shape made up of smaller butterflies.

  • Letter art made of various shapes

If you have a flower presser, you could press dry flowers to frame and surround those with paper cutouts of different wildlife such as bird shapes, ducks, swans or even some bees coloured in to create the look of bees flying around your pressed flower art.

  • Letter art and dates

A lot of creative displays have frames with just one letter, sometimes two. An example of when these types of letter art displays are used is when a family move to a new home as the letter is usually the first initial of the surname. In a gallery display, the surname initial is like a stamp for the family home, kind of declaring ownership. Numbers can also be used to add a date to the display, be it a birth date, move-in date or any other important date in your life.

  • Make a minifigure frame of the family with paper

Most families are familiar with the paintings or drawings done at nursery school that usually end up on the fridge door. Sometimes there is a dedicated space in the home for displaying the kid’s art, but very few will make paper cutouts of the family including the pets and make an artistic framed piece as a fun family project.

For families with young kids, this is a fun project for the dreary winter days as it can involve drawing people in the family, colouring in the hair, using safety scissors to cut out different parts to put together such as the head and hair, the body, arms, legs and also drawing, colouring and cutting out clothes for each person in the family to make them look as unique as possible. You might even find the family cat gets dressed in a Christmas jumper, wears a tiara and has tinsel as a tail.

When you’re upgrading your wall displays to improve the frames your photos are displayed in, don’t discount what you can do with your old frames. There’s many a creative art project you can do as a family, and you might just find with a little touch-up, your family could have created better art than you could find anywhere else because it’s going to be personal to your family.