Framing Creative Digital Art Created on Drawing Pads

Remember etch-a-sketch? The toy drawing pads toddlers and kids could doodle on, shake the toy, and it would remove the doodle, letting them start over with a blank canvas. Today, kids and adults can draw on smartphones, tablets and dedicated drawing pads, which are like tablets, but the only thing they can do is draw or write.

Adults are getting more into digital drawing. There are likely as many digital artists as there are whose hobby is painting on canvas. There’s a myriad of possibilities you can do with drawing pads including doodling cartoon characters, importing custom fonts to create your own digital calligraphy art and then frame those ready to hang in your home just like farmhouse signs.

Drawing pads work similar to a tablet but with more emphasis on pressure sensitivity and wireless connectivity. These are portable, and you can spend entire evenings riveted in the fascination of your creations. When you have a design you adore, you can simply hook it up to your home printer, print your design ready to frame or do some advanced editing to make it ultra-professional before printing.

Whatever you create on a drawing pad can be printed and framed

If you’re doing your own printing and framing, you’ll want to be using quality photographic paper. The higher the paper quality, the better as the prints are based on digital pixels. As drawing pads can show finer details than digital art created on laptops and even high-end PCs, you’ll want your prints to be capturing all those fine details you took the time to get the pressure just right for the line thicknesses and professional strokes. Those will show on quality photo paper.

For more sophisticated artistic digital drawings such as pet portraits you’ve created, those could be ideal for canvas prints giving some additional subtlety to the colour characteristics and textures that you’ve been able to incorporate into your drawings. 

Stretched canvas prints are more suited to digital creations saved as high-resolution images and with a lot of colour details and texture going in the print. Those are better suited to stretched canvas prints as those show more details than standard photo paper.

For creative signs and other digital art made on a drawing tablet, you can take advantage of the integrated internet connectivity, sending your art straight to a professional printer by uploading it online, selecting the frame, picture mount to surround your photo and any additional hanging materials you may require to hang your artwork securely wherever you plan to display it.

If you’ve found yourself doing a bunch of drawings and can’t choose which ones you want to print and frame, you could include an assortment of your images in a multi-aperture frame displaying as many as sixteen images in the one frame.

For those that have made the switch from traditional drawing to digital drawing, you’ll find it far easier to get your creations into quality prints as you won’t have to do as much editing and tweaking to make a traditional camera shot into a printable digital image. The images will already be high-resolution and ready to be printed to a high quality without pixelation.