Increase Art and Photography Sales with Framed Prints

As any artist and photographer selling prints will know, all the creative talent in the world doesn’t necessarily equate to easy sales. The marketing you have to do to get your prints into homes, exhibitions, stores and in front of potential paying customers takes a whole heap of work.

What if there was an easier way to capture eyeballs and make people extremely enthusiastic about buying your prints or professional photography?

It is possible when you take control of the final presentation of your artwork, leaving customers with no guesswork over how to get their new art framed and onto display.

With the right framing approach, you can sell a complete end-product that customers can take away ready to take pride of place in their home or place of business.

5 Reasons to Take Control of the Framing Process

  1. Customers see the end results before they buy your art

This one is a big reason to consider framing prints because when a customer is considering buying art for anywhere, be it in the home, a business reception or for the rooms in a guest house; it can feel a bit like investing in wallpaper. There’s no real way to know what the final look will be until the work is done and the paper’s up on all of the walls. It’s the same with art and photography prints as there’s a lot left to the imagination.

With a framed print, including the most suitable colour of mount, the guesswork is out of the equation.

  1. Improved Quality Control

After all the time spent creating gorgeous art, it’s only natural to feel you want the frames to do the prints justice. Especially if it’s a piece that took months to create.

By taking control of the framing process, you can provide higher quality frames than some customers may be prepared to invest the time and effort to find and then frame themselves. Can you imagine spending months of your time, energy and focus creating art for it to wind up behind a cheap plastic frame that ruins the essence of what you captured in your work?

That worry can be eliminated by framing your own works, giving you better quality control over your final artwork presentation. If that’s on public display and with your signature, it’s also an advertising tool to sell more of your artwork, or at least pique interest for people just seeing your work for the first time.

  1. Control over the mount board colours to compliment the art

Acid-free mount boards are designed for protecting artwork, but when an artist who knows their colours, shades, and what goes best to bring out the main colour theme of the work, takes control of the mounting decisions, the artwork being framed can be tremendously enhanced with complimentary colours.

If there’s more than one colour scheme you feel would do the art more justice, double mount it or even triple-mount it. This is something most people without an artistic eye would be able to pull off successfully; therefore, it could be considered an additional art service.

  1. Framed art is more visually appealing than just a print

Presenting framed art instead of prints that need to be framed takes a lot of work out of the hands of the customer. Especially when you consider they may need to keep their print protected in storage until they have suitable framing and hanging materials.

With your artwork pre-framed in a quality picture frame, supplied with hanging materials, what your customer sees is what they can buy and put on display immediately. No hanging around waiting for framing kits or sample mouldings to get a feel for the type of frame that would suit their new art.

  1. Open up new sales channels by appealing to the art rental market

Home-stagers need a variety of decorating apparel to make homes appealing to buyers. Art is used frequently for home staging as a replacement for family photos to remove personalisation, making it easier for new buyers to see themselves living in the home.

Holiday homes are another art rental market that could be explored by supplying framed art appropriate for the season and using the latest colour trends for interior design.

Should you be new to framing but not to the art world, The Picture Gallery is experienced (see what people are saying here) across a broad range of framing projects and can assist or advise on various framing needs.

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