Photo Scrapbooking Tips to Create an Epic 2019 Storyboard

As the new year rolls around, plenty of resolutions will be made, only to be broke. The ones that are easier to stick with are the fun ones. This is a fun project you’ll be able to stick to throughout 2019 and by the year-end, have a collection of stunning photos, all neatly organised in a photo journal, ready to pick your best and put together your ultimate storyboard of potentially your best year ever.

It all starts with a plan!

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Are there any birthday parties you know you’ll be attending? That’s an event you’ll want to reserve a spot in a scrapbook to put your favourite pictures of all the friends, and family all together in one place.

Maybe this is prom year for your daughter? You’ll want to capture that on camera as well as the limousine or any other fancy transport being hired to make the occasion memorable.

Other events could be upcoming concerts, some that may already be booked. Maybe a holiday or a trip to Legoland or Alton Towers.

  • Food markets
  • Festive Fairs
  • Art Shows
  • Theatre Trips
  • Bonfire Night
  • Valentine’s Day (gifts and trips)

Assembling a Photo Journal to Contain All Your Snaps

Chances are, you’ll need some sort of organisational system in place because your smartphone is likely going to be used to take all the photos. It will hog your phone’s memory. Make it a weekly routine to get all your photos off your phone and onto a computer. If your PC or laptop doesn’t have significant memory, you can use an external hard drive.

Managing digital photos is a necessity because it’s far easier to lose digital copies than it is to lose printed photos. For those entering a significant year of importance, such as expecting a new baby, getting married or celebrating an important milestone in your life, like a Silver Wedding Anniversary, you’d be doing yourself a huge favour to put back-ups in place so that if any of your tech fails you, you’ll have your digital photos backed up somewhere. That could be an external hard drive or a cloud-based storage service.

Start Your Year with the End in Mind

It would be all too easy to go about shooting everything you can to capture, but photos are only pictures unless there’s a story to be told.

What story do you want your 2019 to tell?

How you dressed your dog up just for kicks? Or the days you spent with your family and friends, the special times spent together, the people you met throughout the year, the events you shared together, the moments the memories were made.

Those are all things you can capture on camera, create a digital photo journal with and by the end of the year, take your best photos of 2019 to print and frame a collage of photos that’ll give you a storyboard telling the story of your previous year. Talk about a feature piece for a New Year’s Party.

It all starts with your smartphone, some digital photo organisation and keeping the end in mind when you’re taking photos for your journal.