Types of Art for Home Sellers to Increase the Perception Value

When you’re putting your home on the market, most advice centres around depersonalisation - making your home into a space that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. For most families, that’s going to mean swapping a lot of oversized framed family photos such as christening collage frames, wedding photos and holiday snaps.

You don’t have to go out and replace your frames, as you can easily find affordable art to fit inside your current frame temporarily until you’re ready to rehang your own photos in your new home.

For the time being, here are some types of art that work surprisingly well to create an alluring appeal with potential buyers, giving your home a welcoming feel yet remaining impersonal. 

Black and white

Monochrome art is one of those in-out trends. Some seasons, you’ll see this look on the covers of all the interior design magazines, then it’s gone for a bit, and before you know it, it’s back and being touted as the next big thing.

Black and white just works with anything. Your interior décor doesn’t matter. It’s not like gold where soft pastel surrounding the frames and perhaps salt crystal ornaments need to be placed on shelves around them to complement the frame and prints. Black and white prints can be hung with any style and colour theme.

Book Covers

Take a look at your book collection and if you don’t have one, check the shelves of your local charity store the next time you’re in town. Pay attention to the textures of the covers, the prints used and the fonts on the book cover showing the title. You’ll likely find there’s a lot of art on the bookshelves that can be picked up quite cheaply.

Old classics such as Penguin book covers or perhaps for a room being used as a nursery, a framed print of the Hungry Caterpillar could work well. The trick with book art is to frame covers that most people, families, in particular, are familiar with.

Abstract paintings

If you’re running out of ideas of what to put on display that isn’t personal to your family, abstract art is the fail-safe and go-to choice. It’s universal, uncontroversial and adds character to any room it’s put on display. Just be sure to give the prints breathing room as abstract art rarely works on gallery walls, preferring plenty of wall space surrounding each piece.

Landscape paintings

Landscape paintings are another impersonal favourite for interior design as they have all the natural and mood-balancing earthy tones that create a calming effect.

Why Take the Time to Dress Your Walls with Good Art?

It’s worth taking the time to put a collection of art on display because when people are house hunting, they’re looking to buy a lifestyle. Not yours, but something they feel reflects themselves. Tasteful art sparks the imagination, draws the eye and has different meanings to everyone.

Texture and colour are the two aspects of art that make a drastic impression to your interior design. Monochrome frames and prints, retro book covers, abstract and landscape paintings are four types of art you can use to reframe your wall designs to increase appeal to potential buyers.