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Picture Mounts - Custom Made to Measure

Picture mounts are perfect for giving your artwork a professional sleek look. Our mounts come in a variety of colours and sizes, including custom sizes, with the option of a single or double mount and are easy to order in our mount design software.

Click on the links below for information regarding custom picture mounts and how they can be used to provide a stunning finishing touch to your artwork or photos.

Picture Mounts

Custom picture mounts are available to buy separately, or you can buy them with a frame.

The primary point of using a mount is to protect your photos and any artwork you put inside a frame. They create a boundary preventing the picture touching the glazing, thus preventing any damage to the photo, such as smudging and discolouration.

In terms of appearance, the option you choose for your picture mount will have a profound effect on your finished framed piece. Of anything, be it a photo, painting, or pencil sketch.

Some Pointers on Choosing the Best Picture Mounts for Your Framed Work.

1. The width of the mount.

As with everything framing related, there are no rules to follow. When selecting a picture mount, go with your gut instincts. That said, it will certainly help if you know a thing or two about what’s likely to happen to the finished work once the mount is applied.

For the width, the wider the mount is, the more open the piece will look. It’s wide mounts that are used in art galleries, so that will give you an idea of what your finished picture will look like in the frame with a wide mount. Now, if you’re framing something small in an oversized frame, you’ll notice a wide mount will give it an element of importance because it will truly stand out. If you’re framing anything small that you really want to catch the eye, go wide on the mount.

2. Think about “weighting” the mount size.

Weighting a picture mount is a technique used on oversized pieces being framed as it helps balance out the overall look and feel of the work. You can use weighting to emphasise specific areas of your photo or art. For example, if the focal point of any piece is near the bottom, it will make sense to emphasise that part. You can do that by making the mount bottom heavy, by which it means a thicker bottom mount, with a narrower top mount thickness or even side thicknesses.

Weighting helps to balance larger sized photos. You can do this on any side of the mount just by changing the width parameters when you order your picture mounts. The wider part of the mount is the area the viewer’s eye will be drawn to most. Neat!

3. Colour can’t be underestimated, but it can be simplified.

Our picture mounts are available in a range of colours. You could be tempted to go with the primary or dominant colour in your art or photograph to give the frame a custom look. That’s not always best though.

Generally, the majority of professionally framed photographs have an off-white photo mount or at least a light colour. The reason for this is the lighter the mount colour, the more open the framed piece looks. It’s gentler on the eye.

When you go dark on the picture mount, it becomes the dominant force on the artwork; therefore, the eye is drawn more to the mount surrounding the art or photo than it is to what’s in the picture. It kind of defeats the purpose of trying to beautify the frame.

4. Dominant colours fair better as a 2nd mount.

A double mount can be used when you really want to use colour in the mount, but don’t want to overpower it. You will see this with professionally framed wedding photographs when the bride and groom have a colour theme going on. It could be that the groom has a black suit with a red napkin in the pocket, with the bride having a white wedding dress with red accessories, such as a red bow, or perhaps it’s the flower girls in specifically themed dresses. For these types of pictures when you want to bring the theme through, a double picture mount is the perfect way to do that. To get the effect, you can use the traditional off-white shade as the primary photo mount, with the focal colour theme used as a second mount, which will only add a border around the main photo mount, without overpowering it.

The same can be done with any piece you feel like framing with a dark photo mount. Use the darker colour as a secondary mount.

As a guide to remember colour choices on mounts, lighter shaded mounts open up the photograph making it more eye-pleasing. Darker mounts tend to overpower the artwork unless they’re only used as a secondary mount.

How to Measure Your Artwork For a Picture Mount

When you use our picture mount application in our design studio you will find help buttons to guide you through each step of the ordering process. Please click on the help buttons if you need help along the way. You will notice that we will cut your mount to your exact specifications in millimeters so please follow these guidelines to help you measure your outside dimensions and aperture size correctly.

Outside dimensions.

If you already have a frame and just require a mount make sure you measure the inside measurements at the back of the frame, or the glass size. These are the sizes you would enter for the outside dimensions of your mount.

If you don't have a frame and just require a mount it is up to you to decide the outside size of your mount.

Tip: If you already have a frame and it has flexible tabs on the back, we would suggest you make an allowance of 3 millimetres so the mount fits past the flexible tabs at the back of the frame. For example, if your inside frame measurements are exactly 400 millimetres by 500 millimetres, your outside mount dimensions should be 397 millimetres by 497 millimetres so your mount fits past the flexible tabs with ease.

Tip: To convert inches to millimeters simply multiply by 25.4. For instance, 20inches would be 20 x 25.4 = 508mm. 24.5inches would be 24.5 x 25.4 = 622mm. Don't worry about anything after the decimal point when doing your calculation.

Inside dimensions / aperture size.

We will cut your mount to the exact sizes you specify so you need to make your aperture size slightly smaller than your image (otherwise your image will fall through the aperture). We recommend that you measure the width and height of your image in millimetres and then subtract 6 millimetres from both dimensions.

For example, if your image measures 300 millimetres by 400 millimetres, your aperture size would be 294 millimetres by 394 millimetres. You would then enter these sizes for your aperture dimension.

Tip: If your image is quite large, we would suggest you subtract 10mm from both dimensions, so your image sits comfortably behind the mount aperture.

Once you have completed all the steps in the ordering process you can proceed to the checkout. If you change your mind once you get to the shopping cart you can click on the "Edit my order" button to be taken back to your order to make the changes you require. Once in the shopping cart you have the option to increase the quantity of your order if you so wish.

If there is anything you are unsure of, no matter how great, or small, please call us on 01234 360030 as we will be more than happy to assist you.

Important points to note:

1. Always use a proper ruler or a metal tape measure to measure your work for the most accurate results.

2. When ordering a mount to fit a frame you already have you must measure the INTERNAL measurements of the frame and order your mount size accordingly so the mount fits inside the rebate of the frame.

3. Always double check your sizes in the checkout before proceeding with your order.

Optional Extras

Picture frames and multi photo frames ordered on our website are supplied with cord and fixings for the back of the frame as standard. We also offer a range of optional extras to purchase for your picture framing requirements. These include items such as kraft tape which we recommend using to seal the back of your picture frame once you have fitted your artwork. This will give your picture frame a professional finish and keep any little insects at bay.

You will also find picture hooks for hard and plaster board walls to enable you to hang your framed artwork, and z-clips which are the simplest and neatest way to hold a stretched canvas or oil paintings into a frame.


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